The American Local

New west drinking food

Named as a Top 5 Restaurant of 2014 by Willamette Week

Tuesday - Saturday   5:30pm - 10:00pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays

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Arigatone (r-e-gah-toh-ni)

By Zack Ragghianti

@ The American Local

Monday September 26th, 2016

Seating times @ 6:00pm and 9:00pm

10 people at each seating


For reservations please email:



Full bar & Drink pairings option





Uni with melon and fermented peppers


Asian pear salad with pickled shitake, hijiki and radish


Beef carpaccio with goat’s milk crème and fermented onion relish


Cured tuna loin shiso salt and pickled sea beans


Shio koji cured trout with black sesame shiso pesto and cucumber salad


Live scallop and prosciutto crudo with fresh strawberries and basil




Fresh peaches in fermented honey cream and preserved orange



Named by Willamette Week as One of the Top 5 Restaurants of 2014!

We're number 4!

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We're open! 

Located on the corner of Division and 30th St, The American Local is the culmination of years of driving, dining and drinking all over the United States, and up and down the west coast. 

We take the large view on what it means to be American. The American Local’s menu shines a light on the rich diversity of west coast ingredients and cuisine. 

Our goal is to serve clean, flavorful, shareable plates that are familiar, but with a twist: fluffy fried grit cakes are paired with delicately smoked salmon, while Brussels spouts are dusted with savory, house-made bacon powder. Drinkers and diners are welcome to select from a range of flavors, from simple to complex, as they take a road trip in many plates.

On tap, we serve some of America’s best regional microbreweries, from Breakside Brewing in Portland to Abita in New Orleans. The taps at The American Local are for more than beer, however. Guests will also be able to select from wines on tap and one tap dedicated to Oregon’s Momokawa sake. Cocktails will take their cues from the kitchen, with seasonal house-made sodas and classic American concoctions.